Healing: Our Mission

Our Hand Crafted Healing Copper Bangles, by Copper Numo Master Craftsman and Street Journalist Ebrima Saidy Ba, were originally created as a means to fund community awareness initiatives. Upon his arrival to America, Ebrima set out on a mission to assist in bringing people back to the ancient ways he learned from his upbringing in The Gambia, a country in west Africa. These ways are ones we are all naturally connected to and familiar with at the depth of our Being, as they are the roots from which we come. Since then, his work producing the Bangles has funded a 2-part documentary film series, which Ebrima himself directed, an annual festival still running each Spring in Atlanta, GA, and Roots of Change community garden in Stone Mountain, GA, which has closed and will reopen for Spring 2019 in St. Cloud, MN, the location of Copper Numo's current headquarters and production facility. 

Copper Numo's proceeds continue to fund similar projects. Helping to re-establish reasonable ecological practices and awareness of Nature thru cultivation and agro-ecology. As mentioned, one of our current projects is re-establishing Roots of Change in St. Cloud, a community garden and Earth school. Another avenue for our proceeds is to fund ongoing street journalism projects, furthering awareness of our collective problems and uncovering their relevant solutions. 

Both Food Clothing and Shelter documentary films are available for viewing below. 

The film is also available for rental and purchase on Amazon.