Choosing a Size

There are two variables that determine the size of any Copper Numo Bangle: the circumference and the gauge. The circumference is the length of the wire used to make the Bangle. The gauge is the thickness, or diameter of the cross section, of the Copper wire used.

The standard adult sizes range between 6.5"-8.5". They are incremented by .5". Each size will fit a wide range of wrist sizes, as the Bangles have flexibility in their expression of size. For example, if the gap between the ends is completely closed the Bangle will fit smaller than if there is a 1" gap. 

I wear a 7" Bangle with a 1.5" gap, and sometimes a 8.5" Bangle with a .5" gap. The true circumference of my wrist is just over 8". This makes the 7" Bangle fit tight, as it's circumference in expression is about 8.5", and the 8.5" Bangle fit loose, as it's expression is about 9". 

We recommend selecting a Bangle that is larger than and closest to your wrist circumference. If you are very close to a size and want a looser fit, go the next size up. The .5" increments make our sizes very similar, so getting one slightly larger or smaller will still fit you well, especially since you can use the gap in the Bangle to alter it's expressed size.

To measure the circumference of your wrist, you'll need a ruler or tape measure, a string or thin cut piece of paper, and a marker. Take the string or paper and wrap it around your wrist. Where it overlaps itself use the marker to mark the circumference. Then, take the string or paper and using a tape measure or ruler, measure the length from the end to your mark. This will give the measurement of the circumference of your wrist. 

As for the gauge, it is one of a few fixed sizes. Standard American wire gauge sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10. dbl6 is comparable to 4 gauge and dbl8 is comparable to 6 gauge. The image below displays the KWU style gauge 4, 6, and 10. 10 is the thinnest, 4 the thickest. This gives an idea of the gauges relative to each other. 

Don't have a size that works for you? We can make a Bangle to fit any wrist. Send us an email for a custom order.